Why fall is the best time to travel Florida

Why Hurricanes are not so scary afterall

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Who says that Florida is not nice in the fall?

But what about Hurricane season and all the rain one might think.

September until mid December is considered low season. Here is why you can use it to your advantage!

Leisure on the beach, two deckchairs with cocktail and sunglasses, sunny summer day
1. A lot less guests than at other times of the year – no crowds and less traffic
2. You can find your spot on all the beaches easily – more space
3. Restaurants are bargaining for hungry guests – lower costs
4. After a long hot summer the water in the Gulf is like huge a bath tub at 87°F or 30°C – more enjoyment and fun
5. Large parks like #DisneyWorld, #BushGardens or #SeaWorld are less crowed – shorter wait times for the popular rides and more fun
6. Many vacation homes in Florida are empty at this time of the year – more luxury, more space at lower prices

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